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Aug 20

Drinkware Trends: Are Reusable Water Bottle Printing Still Worth It?

Water bottles that are reused are a necessity we all utilize every day, no matter which sector we're in. They're much more than just water bottles as they're a lifestyle item as well as a fashion statement and an opportunity to walk around for branding and marketing. To answer our question directly: Yes. Recycling water bottles is still worth the investment. It doesn't appear that they'll be going anywhere anytime soon.

The reusable water bottle is an a good alternative when searching for customized promotional products due to their flexibility. It doesn't matter who is on your team, or who the employees of your company are or which market you're trying to reach drinking water containers are something that everyone can benefit from and use. The details that matter are considered when deciding on your water bottle's design and style, however. Be aware of who is likely to use the bottle for, what message you'd like to communicate and what are the most important values to your company.

A recent survey revealed that 84% of the respondents stated that they had a favourite container to drink in that they consider it their "go-to". What do you think this means? It means that the quality of the product is important. The majority of people choose bottles that are reliable and dispose of those that do not. 40% of the respondents claim that they will keep their bottles for a number of years. It is clear the high-end bottles made to last are well worth the cost. While people may keep their favourite bottles for many years, 60% buy a new bottle every year. That means even if someone has had a water bottle that was a gift previously, it doesn't mean that they're shut off from receiving a brand new one. It's a promotional tool that has the ability to keep giving!

You may have believed that the industry of promotional products is saturated as everyone is using them, but nothing could be further than the fact! This study helps us realize that people still appreciate receiving unique, quality promotional items can be used daily. The creation of a water bottle that differentiates you from your competitors is vital to establish a connection with your target audience. We have the right bottles for that! Our team of experts is available to provide advice and assistance regarding everything from color selections and shipping choices. Don't be afraid to ask questions!